Quentin Schulz

Hi all,

I submitted a presentation about OVERRIDES, _append, +=, =. and others for YP Summit 2021 in a month. While sharing the description with some people in the Yocto community, I've been made aware that I'm missing some (history) bits about OVERRIDES.

I've been told that it was added as a temporary measure/hack and that some had tried to get it removed/reconsidered back in 2015 (been given this link: https://www.openembedded.org/wiki/OEDEM_2015#Agenda) but it was already largely (ab)used?

So now, my questions:
- why was OVERRIDES implemented in the first place? What was it trying to resolve?
- why was it considered for removal/reimplementation back in 2015 (or even earlier?)?
- what made you decide to not go for it? Already too widely used?
- is there something you'd have done differently?
- what are you thoughts on OVERRIDES today?
- is there a plan to code a new implementation of OVERRIDES or a similar mechanism? If so, what are the ideas you have currently on how to do it? (hence the clickbait title :) )

Whether my presentation is selected does not matter, still curious nonetheless :)


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