Re: This mailing-list the right location for newbie OE/Y/P user to ask questions?

Nicolas Dechesne

hi Krzysztof,

On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 1:28 PM DUDZIAK Krzysztof
<krzysztof.dudziak@...> wrote:

Hi, Myself needs to ask question regarding artifacts built along with embedded Linux distro built using Yocto/Poky yet addressing software composition of built distro/image. Is this list the right location to ask such question? Is this list in general right location for newbies to asks question regarding OE/Yocto/Poky build system usage?
Not really. This is more to discuss 'large' changes related to OE and
its overall architecture. Perhaps the best list would be:

This is where we tend to see most of the new users' questions.

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