To construct unit test environment for cross-built user-space daemon



Every run of user-space daemon in focus is production mode.
No test build/operation mode is implemented for that daemon.
No unit test suite exists for mentioned daemon, neither on build host, nor on target device.
Daemon controls certain functions of device it runs on. Daemon interacts with certain number of
hardware components.

I wonder which solutions are offered in OpenEmbedded/YP to implement unit tests for daemon that kind.
ptests seems to be executed on target device.
If stuff works really that way I wonder what capabilities need to be provided by target system?
Operating environment of unit under test to be faked ?
It looks like, for given target system, it will be hard to fake operating environment of unit under test,
to make that one to test bed.

Are any solutions available to run unit test suite on build host, qemu virtual env.?
Sure, also here the unit test needs faked operating environment
however more technical tools and technologies are available.


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