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Rich Persaud

On Jul 15, 2020, at 09:20, Philip Balister <philip@...> wrote:

On 7/15/20 4:38 AM, Paul Barker wrote:
6. Terminology. The Linux kernel project has put out some recommendations:

I think this is an excellent list.

Note that it doesn't say anything about the use of 'master' alone
without corresponding 'slave' terminology. GitHub has championed using
'main' instead of 'master', personally I'd prefer 'dev' as it's more
descriptive of the status but this is how bikeshedding begins. I
recommend we start by adopting the changes in the kernel commit above,
if we want to rename 'master' we can do that in a later phase.

I'm old we should rename "master" to "trunk".


"Trunk" also has the advantage of describing a physical object ("tree") which overlaps with the functional role of the digital object being named.

Here's the etymology of "main", which does not inspire non-Borg feelings of inclusiveness:

Old English mægen (Mercian megen) "power, bodily strength; force, violent effort; strength of mind or will; efficacy; supernatural power," from Proto-Germanic *maginam "power" (source also of Old High German megin "strength, power, ability"), suffixed form of PIE root *magh- "to be able, have power." Original sense of "power" is preserved in phrase might and main. Also used in Middle English for "royal power or authority" (c. 1400), "military strength" (c. 1300), "application of force" (c. 1300). 

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