Re: inclusive language

Philip Balister

On 7/15/20 4:38 AM, Paul Barker wrote:
6. Terminology. The Linux kernel project has put out some recommendations:
I think this is an excellent list.

Note that it doesn't say anything about the use of 'master' alone
without corresponding 'slave' terminology. GitHub has championed using
'main' instead of 'master', personally I'd prefer 'dev' as it's more
descriptive of the status but this is how bikeshedding begins. I
recommend we start by adopting the changes in the kernel commit above,
if we want to rename 'master' we can do that in a later phase.
I'm old we should rename "master" to "trunk".


To start the discussion, can we please get a consensus on item #1? If
positive, can we then work on whether we agree with the list of items (have I
forgotten anything, are there things to add to the list, or things to remove
from the list)? THEN can we please focus on each of the items from the list we
I recommend we start by having someone submit a patch to add a coding
style document to the oe-core repository. That can be reviewed in the
usual way. We can then proceed to implement the new coding style in a
backwards compatible way over the next few months as development
resources permit.

I think that would be a more sane approach rather than trying to do everything
at once.

Best regards,

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