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Trevor Woerner

On Wed 2020-07-15 @ 03:05:38 AM, Rich Persaud wrote:
´╗┐On Jul 15, 2020, at 01:31, Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> wrote:
We discussed this briefly at the most recent YP Technical Team/Engineering
Sync Meeting. Many good points were raised. I'd like to start a discussion on
this topic via email in order to enumerate and keep track of these efforts.
Is there a YP mailing list where the minutes of the YP meeting were posted?
I post them on the yocto mailing list in plain text with formatting, or you
can see them all collected here in google docs:

I haven't done today's posting yet. They usually have a title something along
the lines of:

Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for <date>

1. As a project we need to decide whether or not to undertake this work. Not
all projects have decided to make any changes. The discussions we had at the
last meeting made it feel as though it was a forgone conclusion by those who
spoke up that we would take on this work. Is that the consensus? Silence
represents agreement?
Also discussed at the June 24th, 2020 OpenEmbedded Happy Hour
This email is my attempt to get everyone together on this topic since,
for now, email is one of this project's main channels for communication.
Yesterday's call was the first time I had heard anyone bring it up (except
for Richard's email about some upstream projects no longer having a master

where many
points were raised without foregone conclusions.
I'm merely pointing out the conversation went straight into getting a feeling
for what was involved.

6. Terminology. The Linux kernel project has put out some recommendations:
From the Linux coding style diff, "avoid introducing new usage", refers to new names, rather than changing existing systems with consequential impact on distributed supply chains for live systems.

To start the discussion, can we please get a consensus on item #1?
It would be helpful to define the work being proposed ("whether or not to undertake this work"), before seeking new funding for the proposed work, from YP or OE stakeholders.
Fair enough.

Where did you read anything about looking for funding?

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