[kirkstone][PATCH] fetch2: npmsw: Add support for the new format of the shrinkwrap file By belouargamohamed@... ·
[PATCH] bitbake: Add task timeout support 9 messages By Michal Sieron ·
[PATCH V2] runqueue.py: fix PSI check logic 5 messages By Chen Qi ·
[PATCH] fetch2/npm: evaluate PATH before patching HOME 3 messages By Arno Baumfalk ·
Bitbake PSI checker 9 messages By Ola x Nilsson ·
[master][mickledore][PATCH 1/2] fetch2/crate: Simplify extraction of crate names and versions from URIs 2 messages By Peter Kjellerstedt ·
Question related to MIRRORs with downloadfilename By Quirin Gylstorff ·
[PATCH] runqemu.py: fix PSI check logic By Chen Qi ·
ERROR: meta-environment.bb:do_generate_content, the basehash value changed 3 messages By Joakim Tjernlund ·
Modify extlinux.conf from my layer By Katu Txakur ·
[PATCH v2] lib/bb/tests/fetch.py: set initial branch By Peter Bergin ·
[PATCH] lib/bb/tests/fetch.py: set initial branch 4 messages By Peter Bergin ·
[PATCH] cooker: Fix/improve collections handling 2 messages By Richard Purdie ·
[PATCH] fetch2/local: Add debug to include chosen path By Richard Purdie ·
[PATCH] fetch2: Clarify different localpaths functions By Richard Purdie ·
[PATCH] bitbake: add --noreply-timeout option 6 messages By Chen Qi ·
[PATCH v2] bitbake: git fetcher: use urllib quote ... 2 messages By Thilo C. ·
[PATCH] cooker: Add FILE_LAYERNAME variable containing the layername for a recipe By Richard Purdie ·
Perforce.py password with # By Katu Txakur ·
[PATCH] tests/fetch: Default to https git protocol where possible By Richard Purdie ·