OE TSC Minutes 23 April 2013

Jeff Osier-Mixon jefro at jefro.net
Tue May 21 18:19:39 UTC 2013

OpenEmbedded Technical Steering Committee
23 April 2013

  Koen (koen)
  Khem (khem)
  Fray (fray)
  Paul (bluelightning)
  Richard (RP)

Notes: Jefro

Agenda at a glance:

1. pick a chair
2. new issues
3. lingering issues
    a. oe-classic recipe migration status
    b. summarize release goals
4. projects in progress - status
    a. oe-core release
    b. infrastructure
    c. systemd into master - still in progress
    d. mailing list outage
    e. meta-oe appends/overlayed recipes RFC
    f. 1.5 planning
5. projects deferred

Agenda & Results

1. pick a chair
2. new issues

3. lingering issues

b. oe-classic recipe migration status

c. systemd merge unhappiness
=> maintain a wiki page to summarize release goals (jefro)
=> no status emails yet but plan to (RP)

d. oe.org flooded
    refs to oe.org git should point to github
=> khem to fix the oe wiki and reminder to ml
    possible to move server at some point?
=> jefro to investigate YP hosting, kernel.org mirror

4. projects in progress - status

a. oe-core release
autobuilder issues
qemuimagetest will change significantly in 1.5
ptest a good addition
much more to integrate in 1.5

b. infrastructure
see 4d

c. systemd into master - done, drop from future agendas

d. mailing list outage
mailing list moving to YP server, in progress
list addresses will not change

e. meta-oe appends/overlayed recipes RFC
no avr32 support in public layers
=> paul has patches to remove bbappends, pending discussion on ml
everything uncontested has been sent for review
qt4/qt tools stuff troublesome

f. 1.5 planning
RP supports PACKAGECONFIG proposal

5. projects deferred

a. raise awareness of "janitor" list, QA "bugs"
defer to after 1.4

b. document whitespace changes to the shell
=> still need to de-dup these, need a volunteer
ask for volunteers after 1.4 (jefro)

c. raise ntp with the Yocto Project [RP]
immediate need addressed, reasonable default needed
use LICENSE_FLAGS - non-commercial
no default set after Paul's changes
RP raised with YP AB
=> going to mailing lists & someone should write a proposal
=> fray will send to list after 1.4

Raw Transcript

(8:58:08 AM) mode (+v Jefro) by ChanServ
(8:58:18 AM) koen: good morning all
(8:58:37 AM) Jefro: good morning
(8:59:04 AM) RP: Hi everyone
(8:59:32 AM) RP: I suspect we might not get Paul today
(8:59:59 AM) Jefro: I would expect not
(9:00:07 AM) Jefro: any new issues to put on the agenda?
(9:00:42 AM) ***fray is fried, between snow storms, house stuff and work...
(9:00:53 AM) fray: so no new items from me
(9:00:54 AM) ***RP is also fried, due to the release
(9:01:23 AM) RP: Jefro: link to the agenda?
(9:03:15 AM) Jefro: agenda in about 2 seconds
(9:03:51 AM) Jefro: finally: http://pastebin.com/ZTtdqWRm
(9:05:47 AM) Jefro: any new issues?
(9:05:49 AM) fray: ok
(9:06:47 AM) RP: nothing new from me
(9:06:54 AM) RP: Who is chairing?
(9:07:03 AM) ***RP did it recently so its not me :)
(9:08:24 AM) fray: I can
(9:09:27 AM) fray: ok?
(9:09:35 AM) Jefro: sounds good to me
(9:09:44 AM) fray: 2. any (additional) new issues?
(9:10:18 AM) fray: 3. lingering issues
(9:10:29 AM) fray: a. oe-classic migration status.. (no Paul, so no status?)
(9:10:58 AM) RP: I've still not done the perl recipes
(9:11:11 AM) RP: I have a small issue of figuring out which ones
merged into perl itself
(9:11:28 AM) RP: I think progress is being made slowly in a variety of areas
(9:12:18 AM) fray: b, then?  release goals..
(9:12:19 AM) fray: I saw the first email for the 1.5 bitbake changes go out..
(9:12:53 AM) RP: Yes, we're looking at 1.5 planning
(9:12:55 AM) koen: I loved the "if we split bitbake into a client and
server" response
(9:12:59 AM) koen: that was done years ago :)
(9:13:17 AM) RP: koen: indeed
(9:13:31 AM) RP: The email was to give people the high level idea
(9:13:39 AM) RP: the details are still tbd
(9:14:16 AM) RP: As for the current release, 1.4 is beyond the point
it can take changes without slipping now
(9:14:36 AM) RP: I've seen there are some issues but nothing I believe
it worth slipping the release for
(9:15:00 AM) fray: I'm comfortable with a release and known bug list
(9:15:04 AM) RP: As always I'd encourage people to use the bugzilla,
we do work closely with it
(9:15:19 AM) RP: (both for 1.4 issues and 1.5)
(9:15:58 AM) koen: the postinst situation is a lot better now, the
mixed gconf/gsettings/gtk-iconcache now run completely on the host
(9:16:28 AM) koen: there's still a problem with run-postinst.service, though
(9:17:14 AM) fray: 3 e then?  (not sure where c an d went)
(9:17:35 AM) RP: koen: right, not there with that one yet but we'll
figure it out...
(9:18:12 AM) koen: I changed Timeoutsec to 600 so it will timeout
after 10 minutes
(9:18:21 AM) Jefro: fray they were removed because of austerity
(9:18:35 AM) fray: One comment on 3e -- YP hosting of oe.org.. I'm not
sure that is an actual solution.. as I've been noticing
git.yoctoproject.org getting slower over time..
(9:18:48 AM) fray: adding the load of oe.org may not work to either
projects advantage.. :(
(9:19:18 AM) RP: Sorry, I've been looking at the wrong items :/
(9:19:20 AM) Jefro: fray it might be possible to use the addition of
oe as impetus to beef up the servers &/| bandwidth
(9:19:34 AM) Jefro: or it might be good to find a different solution
(9:19:57 AM) RP: fray: have you mentioned that to Michael?
(9:20:01 AM) fray: Jefro ya.. I think it would have to be.. -if-
git.yp... was an active mirror (or irigin)
(9:20:16 AM) fray: I did..  he traced it down to high load, mirroring
releases, etc..
(9:20:32 AM) RP: fray: ah, the mirroring is a killer on bandwidth
(9:20:43 AM) fray: it's still acceptable performance, but it's
definitely getting slower then when this project was new.. ;)
(9:20:52 AM) RP: fray: is it back to normal now?
(9:20:59 AM) fray: havn't looked today..
(9:21:46 AM) RP: For 3b, I will start the status emails for 1.5, just
trying to get over the release stress atm
(9:22:04 AM) fray: yup.. I think the bitbake one going out first was a
good start
(9:23:02 AM) fray: current download speed is approx 200-300 KiB/s for
me..  my machine can normally get 1 MiB/s down at max
(9:23:12 AM) fray: like I said, acceptable.. but slower then it used to be..
(9:23:30 AM) fray: on to 4?
(9:24:10 AM) khem: hi all
(9:24:10 AM) RP: fray: ok with me
(9:24:14 AM) RP: hi khem
(9:24:15 AM) koen: we covered 4a a bit already :)
(9:24:23 AM) RP: I talked about 1.4 above
(9:24:28 AM) fray: 4a oe-core release status.. anything to add?
(9:24:34 AM) fray: hey khem
(9:24:49 AM) RP: I don't have much to add. I'm fried basically :/
(9:24:56 AM) khem: connectiions in new buildings are troublesome
(9:24:59 AM) fray: yup.. we can come back to that next time..
(9:25:03 AM) khem: and we are a networking company :(
(9:25:11 AM) Jefro: I have khem on cell - he is having network issues at work
(9:25:14 AM) Jefro: ah, there he is
(9:25:17 AM) fray: anything new on infrastructure issue(s) other then
mailing list (or git)?
(9:25:18 AM) khem: I have to drop at 9:30
(9:25:38 AM) fray: khem hopefully we'll be done soon..
(9:25:42 AM) RP: khem: anything you want to talk about then?
(9:25:44 AM) khem: I met with halstead and tom king
(9:26:20 AM) khem: so right now Phil is wating on TSCs direction for
extracting the ml archives from ltg
(9:26:36 AM) khem: and I think Michael said he will work on it this week
(9:26:41 AM) fray: what direction do we need to do (if any)?
(9:26:42 AM) khem: if he has archives
(9:27:02 AM) khem: I think TSC is ok with him providing the archives or not
(9:27:11 AM) RP: khem: I say we are
(9:27:14 AM) fray: I don't have any problem with it
(9:27:47 AM) RP: The ml issues have hurt project productivity recently :(
(9:28:22 AM) RP: do we know where they're planning to migrate to?
(9:28:25 AM) khem: OK
(9:29:36 AM) Jefro: RP migration to YP servers
(9:29:53 AM) RP: Jefro: ok
(9:30:41 AM) fray: anything else on infrastructure before khem has to go?
(9:31:19 AM) Jefro: khem - are you going to talk to pb? anything you
need from me?
(9:34:16 AM) khem: Jefro: I will take the TSC message
(9:34:25 AM) Jefro: khem ok
(9:34:26 AM) fray: ok..
(9:34:26 AM) khem: and connvey to him
(9:35:18 AM) fray: 4c then?  systemd into master..  Can we consider
this 'done' and now at the point of in (and at the point of
(9:35:49 AM) RP: yes, I think we should consider that "done" and into
bugfixing/enhancement like the rest of the system
(9:36:22 AM) khem: pardon me
(9:36:38 AM) khem: I am going for a yocto brain was
(9:36:49 AM) RP: khem: ?!
(9:36:58 AM) fray: ok.. so drop 4c from future status..
(9:36:59 AM) khem: oh work :)
(9:37:07 AM) fray: 4d we already covered (mailing list)
(9:37:11 AM) khem: I have to talk there
(9:37:18 AM) khem: so I will leave now
(9:37:28 AM) fray: 4e -- meta-oe appends/overlayed recipes RFC... I
suggest we postpone until Paul is around
(9:37:30 AM) fray: ok
(9:37:34 AM) RP: khem: ok, have fun! ;-)
(9:37:37 AM) Jefro: I totally want to know what a "yocto brain was" might be
(9:37:41 AM) khem: yeah I will try
(9:37:44 AM) RP: fray: yes, progress is being made there though
(9:38:06 AM) RP: Jefro: I suspect it was meant t be wash
(9:38:13 AM) ***fray was guessing 'wash' as well..
(9:38:15 AM) RP: Jefro: with Khem doing the washing ;-)
(9:39:00 AM) RP: For 4f did we get a bugzilla entry?
(9:39:06 AM) RP: and what was the proposal again? :)
(9:39:16 AM) ***fray was going to ask the same thing
(9:39:28 AM) RP: For 5), no update afaik
(9:39:39 AM) RP: I think it was to more widely adopt PACKAGECONFIG?
(9:39:52 AM) fray: could be.. and I'm all in favor of that
(9:40:10 AM) fray: FYI 4a/4c  I'm going to push that out another
couple weeks till the 1.4 dust settles..
(9:40:17 AM) fray: but not much further
(9:42:10 AM) fray: ok.. anything else?
(9:42:30 AM) RP: nothing I can think of
(9:42:40 AM) fray: adjourned?
(9:43:08 AM) Jefro: w00t
(9:43:19 AM) fray: :)
(9:43:40 AM) Jefro: I'll send out minutes as soon as everyone is able
to ack the last ones I sent out... last night
(9:43:48 AM) fray: ok

Jeff Osier-Mixon http://jefro.net/blog
Yocto Project Community Manager @Intel http://yoctoproject.org

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