Working Yocto (and other) goals more directly in oe-core, post Yocto 1.1

Tom Rini tom_rini at
Fri Jul 15 20:18:31 UTC 2011

Hey all,

So in the last meeting I put out my beg for folks to try more oe-core
alone and less poky or oe-core+meta-oe+meta-distro.

Here's what I'm driving at.  oe-core is what everyone uses as their base
and is what a lot of important things go into.  But there seems to often
be a "lemme start in ${what I use every day} and then I'll move it to
oe-core".  And I get that.  Heck, I'm guilty of it too.  But there's
problems with that:
- Not everyone uses what you do.  This can make testing and trying your
prototype out a bit more of a challenge.
- It leaves lingering problems in oe-core.
- If we're trying to tell people that oe-core is stable and workable and
what people can base off of, someone needs to be testing and using it.

Now, the first comments this got on IRC were along the lines of:
- meta-poky is small.
This is true, but see the 2nd problem above.  And by the same token,
it's nearly what you're using every day anyways.

- It doesn't have what I need
This is also going to be true in many cases but then either:
- You're working on stuff that's not in oe-core anyhow
- Something needs to come in to oe-core

And possibly finally:
- A 'reasonable' meta-bsp layer/set of layers should work on any
reasonable set of core layers, right?

Tom Rini
Mentor Graphics Corporation

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