[Bug 4178] binutils 2.17.atmel.1.2.6 and gcc 4.2.2.atmel.1.0.8 for AVR32

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--- Comment #12 from Geoffrey Wossum <gwossum at acm.org>  2008-05-05 16:06:09 ---
Autotools!  <shakes fist in air>

The various input files to autoconf and automake tend to be very picky about
what version of autoconf and automake you use.  This is entirely autoconf's and
automake's fault.  I've tried to write m4 macro sets that were agnostic about
what version of autoconf you used, and failed spectacularly.  

As far as the hardcoded automake versions in the binutils patch, you could
probably get away without the versions in there, since OE gives you automake
1.9 anyway.  I definitely needed it when building binutils outside OE, as just
running aclocal and automake picked the wrong version and the result wouldn't
build.  My Gentoo host has 7 different automake versions, and just running
aclocal and automake seemed to pick the wrong version (probably 1.10.1).

As far as the lack of a version in the autoconf invocation, that seemed to work
for me both inside and outside OE.  Inside OE it looks like only autoconf 2.61
is available.  Outside of OE, I have both autoconf 2.13 and autoconf 2.61
installed.  Gentoo also has an autoconf-wrapper that replaces autoconf that is
supposed to be able to magically decide which version of autoconf is supposed
to run.  Either way, it seems to work for me, though.

I'll try to do a clean build from a clean OE checkout in another day or so to
investigate the issues.  I only have a 32-bit host to try it out on, though.

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