[Bug 4214] New: Angstrom c7x0 wpa

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Sun May 4 16:47:40 UTC 2008


           Summary: Angstrom c7x0 wpa                                      
    Classification: Unclassified                                           
           Product: Openembedded                                           
           Version: Angstrom 2007.12                                       
          Platform: ARM                                                    
        OS/Version: other                                                  
            Status: UNCONFIRMED                                            
          Severity: normal                                                 
          Priority: P3                                                     
         Component: Distributions                                          
        AssignedTo: openembedded-issues at lists.openembedded.org             
        ReportedBy: john.aaron.rose at googlemail.com                         
                CC: john.aaron.rose at googlemail.com                         

wpa doesn't seem to work after install from Angstrom c7x0 x11 r14 instalkit:
ping of specified wpa2 router not OK. Also, it's very difficult to check what's
going on as running iwlist, iwconfig & ifconfig all result in their not being
found. Also, Network setup GUI does not show wpa settings in
/etc/network/interfaces( which I amended using vi) followed by su root &
/etc/init.d/networking restart.

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