[Bug 4178] binutils 2.17.atmel.1.2.6 and gcc 4.2.2.atmel.1.0.8 for AVR32

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Sun May 4 11:33:09 UTC 2008


--- Comment #11 from Stelios Koroneos <skoroneos at digital-opsis.com>  2008-05-04 13:33:09 ---
It actually fails on any system that the default autoconf is not 2.13
I tried it on a Debian x86 machine that had another version of autoconf
installed and also failed

Main issue for me is that we can not have "hardcoded" autoconf in general, as
it is certain that a) it will create problems b)is against the "mentality" of
OE where the tools required by the host are build from OE and not use the
default ones

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