[Bug 3678] Opie: cursor key rotation incorrect on some devices

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Sat May 3 02:22:05 UTC 2008


--- Comment #24 from Rolf 'Laibsch' Leggewie <bugs.openembedded.org at rolf.leggewie.biz>  2008-05-03 04:22:05 ---
(In reply to comment #18)
> Please try the attached patch - I have not been able to test it yet as I do not
> have a CF card reader at the moment. Note that on h2200 without another patch
> to Opie it will break rotation since it was already "fixed" in Opie for that
> model.

So, I guess, it is not the generally applicable solution.  Paul, can you please
test nonetheless?

Junqian, can you please test if this patch breaks the Tosa?

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