[oe] State of OE World, 2019-06-19

Khem Raj raj.khem at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 13:46:24 UTC 2019

After a while now jenkins builds are working again. here are latest
run results for details check

== Failed tasks 2019-06-19 ==

INFO: jenkins-job.sh-1.8.45 Complete log available at

=== common (2) ===
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/openocd/openocd_git.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/protobuf/protobuf_3.8.0.bb:do_compile

=== common-x86 (0) ===

=== qemuarm (10) ===
    * sources/meta-browser/dynamic-layers/rust-layer/recipes-browser/firefox/firefox_60.4.0esr.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-browser/recipes-browser/chromium/chromium-ozone-wayland_75.0.3770.90.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-freescale/recipes-kernel/kernel-modules/kernel-module-qca6174_2.1.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-freescale/recipes-kernel/kernel-modules/kernel-module-qca9377_2.1.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-networking/recipes-netkit/netkit-rusers/netkit-rusers_0.17.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-kernel/bpftool/bpftool.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-kernel/kernel-selftest/kernel-selftest.bb:do_install
    * sources/meta-qt5/recipes-qt/qt5/qtwebengine_git.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-rust/recipes-devtools/rust/rust_1.34.2.bb:do_compile
    * sources/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-multimedia/mpeg2dec/mpeg2dec_0.5.1.bb:do_package_qa

=== qemuarm64 (5) ===
    * sources/meta-browser/recipes-browser/chromium/chromium-ozone-wayland_75.0.3770.100.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-core/safec/safec_3.4.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-dbs/mongodb/mongodb_git.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-kernel/kernel-selftest/kernel-selftest.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-qt5/recipes-qt/qt5/qtquickcontrols2_git.bb:do_package_qa

=== qemux86 (7) ===
    * sources/meta-browser/recipes-browser/chromium/chromium-x11_75.0.3770.90.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/android-tools/android-tools_5.1.1.r37.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-devtools/breakpad/breakpad_git.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-multimedia/alsa/alsa-oss_1.1.8.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/vboxguestdrivers/vboxguestdrivers_5.2.22.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-qt5/recipes-qt/qt5/qt5-creator_git.bb:do_compile
    * sources/meta-rust/recipes-devtools/rust/libstd-rs_1.34.2.bb:do_compile

=== qemux86_64 (0) ===

=== Number of failed tasks (39) ===
{| class=wikitable
|| qemuarm || 12 ||
|| qemuarm64 || 13 ||
|| qemux86 || 11 ||
|| qemux86_64 || 3 ||

=== PNBLACKLISTs (2) ===

=== QA issues (2) ===
{| class=wikitable
!| Count ||Issue
||0 ||already-stripped
||0 ||build-deps
||0 ||compile-host-path
||0 ||file-rdeps
||0 ||installed-vs-shipped
||0 ||invalid-pkgconfig
||0 ||ldflags
||0 ||libdir
||0 ||pkgname
||0 ||qa_pseudo
||0 ||symlink-to-sysroot
||0 ||unknown-configure-option
||0 ||version-going-backwards
||1 ||host-user-contaminated
||1 ||textrel

=== Incorrect PACKAGE_ARCH or sstate signatures (0) ===

Complete log: http://logs.nslu2-linux.org/buildlogs/oe/world/warrior/log.signatures.20190620_024235.log/

    * ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'bigbuckbunny-480p' (but
RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)
    * ERROR: Required build target 'meta-world-pkgdata' has no
buildable providers.
    * ERROR: no sigdata files were generated for MACHINE qemux86copy
in /home/jenkins/oe/world/yoe/build/tmpfs/stamps
    * ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'bigbuckbunny-480p' (but
RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)
    * ERROR: Required build target 'meta-world-pkgdata' has no
buildable providers.
    * ERROR: no sigdata files were generated for MACHINE qemux86 in
    * ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'bigbuckbunny-720p' (but
RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)
    * ERROR: Required build target 'meta-world-pkgdata' has no
buildable providers.
    * ERROR: no sigdata files were generated for MACHINE qemuarm in

= " error: invalid use of incomplete type 'RCF::AsioIoService {aka
class boost::asio::io_service}; among others?"
meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/imagefeatures.py:PNBLACKLIST[busybox] =
"Don't build this"
PNBLACKLIST[android-system] = "depends on lxc from
meta-virtualiazation which isn't included in my world builds"
PNBLACKLIST[bigbuckbunny-1080p] = "big and doesn't really need to be
tested so much"
PNBLACKLIST[bigbuckbunny-480p] = "big and doesn't really need to be
tested so much"
PNBLACKLIST[bigbuckbunny-720p] = "big and doesn't really need to be
tested so much"
PNBLACKLIST[bigbuckbunny-720p] = "big and doesn't really need to be
tested so much"
PNBLACKLIST[tearsofsteel-1080p] = "big and doesn't really need to be
tested so much"
PNBLACKLIST[build-appliance-image] = "tries to include whole downloads
directory in /home/builder/poky :/"
PNBLACKLIST[smartrefrigerator] = "Needs porting to QT > 5.6"
PNBLACKLIST[qmlbrowser] = "Needs porting to QT > 5.6"
PNBLACKLIST[minehunt] = "Needs porting to QT > 5.6"
PNBLACKLIST[homeautomation] = "Needs porting to QT > 5.6"
PNBLACKLIST[samegame] = "Needs porting to QT > 5.6"
PNBLACKLIST[applicationlauncher] = "Needs porting to QT > 5.6"

QA issues by type:
count: 0 issue: already-stripped

count: 0 issue: libdir

count: 1 issue: textrel
mpeg2dec-0.5.1: ELF binary
has relocations in .text [textrel]

count: 0 issue: build-deps

count: 0 issue: file-rdeps

count: 0 issue: version-going-backwards

count: 1 issue: host-user-contaminated
qtquickcontrols2-5.12.3+gitAUTOINC+f7ba074ca1: qtquickcontrols2:
is owned by uid 3004, which is the same as the user running bitbake.
This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]

count: 0 issue: installed-vs-shipped

count: 0 issue: unknown-configure-option

count: 0 issue: symlink-to-sysroot

count: 0 issue: invalid-pkgconfig

count: 0 issue: pkgname

count: 0 issue: ldflags

count: 0 issue: compile-host-path

count: 0 issue: qa_pseudo

This git log matches with the metadata as seen by qemuarm build.
In some cases qemux86 and qemux86-64 builds are built with slightly
different metadata, you can see the exact version near the top of each
log.world.qemu* files linked from the report
~/oe/world/yoe ~/oe/world/yoe

== Tested changes (not included in master yet) - bitbake ==
latest upstream commit:
19291f7c cooker: list all nonexistent bblayer directories
not included in master yet:

== Tested changes (not included in master yet) - openembedded-core ==
latest upstream commit:
b071a1a209 gcc-runtime: fix C++ header mapping for n32/x32 tune
not included in master yet:
d0a30c1c57 runtime/cases/logrotate: make test more reliable
40ea686112 libevent:upgrade 2.1.8 -> 2.1.10
7ddbe6483d libevdev:upgrade 1.6.0 -> 1.7.0
8a21559bd4 target-sdk-provides-dummy: add libperl.so.5 to DUMMY_PROVIDES
b34486a616 gnutls:upgrade 3.6.7 -> 3.6.8
825be9d66a gnupg:upgrade 2.2.15 -> 2.2.16
e3b7cb02a8 curl:upgrade 7.64.1 -> 7.65.1
dc25e95254 lttng-ust:upgrade 2.10.3 -> 2.10.4
23dfbb2746 xkeyboard:upgrade 2.26 -> 2.27
3b556cbdff gobject-introspection:upgrade 1.60.1 -> 1.60.2
c7b0823f9a wic/bootimg-efi: allow multiple initrd
24f4b2a8f2 libffi: Add RISC-V support
112ca2174d opensbi: Initial commit of OpenSBI
11b6020dff qemuriscv64: Add the QEMU RISC-V 64-bit machine
7cc98b0f34 linux-yocto: Mark qemuriscv64 as compatible
2abfbf1869 systemd-conf: not configure network for nfs root
7ce8b1bc51 serf: stop scons trying to create directories in hosts rootfs
00c5a665b4 wireless-regdb: Add recipe
05c9fb5a02 glib-2.0: fix host path appearing in gsocketclient-slow test script
580d7f3325 dpkg: Use less as pager
3e09c8b5b6 rng-tools: 6.6 -> 6.7
f7a470531d meson: Fix native patch to python3
4e315dd23c rootfs: Fix dependency for every dpkg run
2106a56782 python3: python3: Fix build error x86->x86
641529503a libxcrypt: Switch to disable obsolete APIs
f6a064d02c libxcrypt-compat: Add recipe to build the obsolete APIs
43a7a213a9 uninative-tarball: Add libxcrypt-compat
b052d76678 createrepo-c: upgrade 0.14.0 -> 0.14.2
ba107eb246 libmodulemd: upgrade 2.4.0 -> 2.5.0
55c410fd9f vala: upgrade 0.44.3 -> 0.44.5
e8e6e4593f libnewt: merge libnewt-python recipe into the main recipe
712fadb95c epiphany: update to 3.32.3
75e255a95e btrfs-tools: update to 5.1.1
461094cbef cve-update-db: New recipe to update CVE database
6c6c16a9a0 cve-check: Remove dependency to cve-check-tool-native
d8ae775458 cve-check: Manage CVE_PRODUCT with more than one name
c52d5b4f8c cve-check: Consider CVE that affects versions with less than operator
da6f7e81aa oeqa/logparser: ignore test failure commentary
bbb403936c openssh: Add missing DEPENDS on virtual/crypt
0aa57768ed recipes: Add runit and related recipes
7e974240da oeqa: Recognise svlogd as another logger
f257206468 pam_systemd: Include missing.h for secure_getenv
9dceda5291 musl-obstack: Add recipe
23792d6f87 elfutils: Fix eu-* utils builds for musl
d11ea758f2 maintainers: Account for musl-obstack and libssp-nonshared

== Tested changes (not included in master yet) - meta-openembedded ==
latest upstream commit:
3b245e4fe openipmi: upgrade 2.0.25 -> 2.0.27
not included in master yet:
10c39b96a blueman_%.bbappend: Avoid PAK archive (application/x-pak)
0e342ecaa gitver: Pass git directory argument to gitrev_run
70c2f87bf recipes-benchmark/stressapptest_1.0.9.bb: add recipe
36fcb1a8d stressapptest: Fix build with libc++
5673dae7b stressapptest: Implement reading sysfs and use it if sysconf
is not there
8b5ebbf6e stressapptest: Use git SHA instead of git archive
d7a9d7089 libgpiod: upgrade to v1.4
e3875cdcf libp11: No need to delete *.la anymore
e49a68fa6 libauthen-radius-perl: Remove manual RDEPENDS from PN-ptest
to PN package
52a326728 mariadb: Upgrade to 10.3.16
50440a488 protobuf: 3.6.1 -> 3.8.0
fb3bd9c06 protobuf-c: add patch for protobuf 3 compatibility
1e0ec61f7 python3-protobuf, python-protobuf: 3.6.1 -> 3.8.0
d29f84835 python-twisted: upgrade 19.2.0 -> 19.2.1
86407337b pm-graph: fix multilib build failure
e01261885 network-manager-applet: Remove obsolete dbus-glib and
libnm-glib dependencies
7727e4cb9 ndctl: Remove the unnecessary dependency on virtual/kernel
4257adeeb tipcutils: Remove the unnecessary dependency on virtual/kernel
de09894f3 xl2tpd: Remove the old 1.3.6 version
23cb89eaf openconnect: update to 8.03
875f071ad gmime: Add recipe
c3b19334d pidgin-sipe: Depend on gmime
3e03fe998 snort: upgrade -> 2.9.13
fce37fcfa mozjs: Fix do_patch error for mips64-n32
b25ee28b9 python-wrapt: upgrade 1.11.1 -> 1.11.2
357be4862 python-certifi: upgrade 2019.3.9 -> 2019.6.16
fad26cc14 cpuburn-arm: add aarch64 machine and build configuration
0642700df libmodule-build-perl: drop, has moved to oe-core
22bfe06d1 gpsd: Force using python-scons-native for now
d8dac5d31 sysdig: Upgrade to 0.24.2+

== Tested changes (not included in master yet) - meta-qt5 ==
latest upstream commit:
2a5f941 qtbase: fix build with gcc-9
not included in master yet:

== Tested changes (not included in master yet) - meta-browser ==
latest upstream commit:
e883c12 chromium: Update to 75.0.3770.100.
not included in master yet:

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