[oe] [meta-oe] Introduce recipe for sdbus-c++ library

Stanislav Angelovič angelovic.s at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 12:18:43 UTC 2019


I've just sent a new PR to meta-openembedded at GitHub (

sdbus-c++ is a high-level C++ D-Bus library written on top of systemd D-Bus
implementation originally as a modern, robust replacement for dbus-c++.

There are two recipes:
* One for sdbus-c++ itself. It detects whether systemd feature is turned
on. If so, it depends on systemd and links against libsystemd. Otherwise it
builds libsystemd as part of building sdbus-c++. The recipe also supports
* One for sdbus-c++ native tools, namely sdbus-c++ code generator to
generate C++ adaptor and proxy binding classes.

The recipes have been tested on yocto master.

Per meta-oe README, one is also asked to send an e-mail, so here I am (I
hope I'm doing this correctly). Attached please find the patch file.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,
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