[oe] [meta-qt5] commit breaks all other qtbase branches but dev

Richard Pannek richard.pannek at pelagicore.com
Fri Aug 5 13:58:02 UTC 2016


We are using the 5.6 branch of qtbase and are following the krogoth
branch of meta-qt5. Today our biulds stopped working, I checked what
happened and it told me that the md5sums for the license files didn't
match anymore. I checked the commits in meta-qt5 krogoth branch and
found this commit
which changes all the md5sums for many recipies. In the commit message
it points to the commit 4343c4e731c3268614fc79c9c42b4e5e4d59d7e6 of
qtbase, which changes those license files.

I checked in which branches this commit exists, and it does only in
the dev branch, but not in the 5.6 branch which we are using. I pinned
my build to the commit before so wi could build again for now.

But I have a question, is this expected behavior or is it a bug? How
do other people handle this, who don't use the dev branch?


Richard Pannek

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