[oe] ** bug squashing weekend - Jan 17 to 20, 2014

Trevor Woerner trevor.woerner at linaro.org
Tue Jan 14 22:24:44 UTC 2014

Hello all OE/Yocto enthusiasts!


It has been noted that the number of unresolved issues in our bugzilla
has been rising which, if left unchecked, will lead to an
ever-increasing bug count. In an effort to raise awareness of the number
of unresolved bugs and work to reduce them, we'd like to plan a "bug
squashing weekend" for this upcoming Friday to Monday (January 17th to
20th, 2014).

If you work with OE/Yocto during the week then you'll have two days to
look at issues, or if you have more time on weekends you'll also have
two potential days for this activity.

It would be nice if anyone involved in OE/Yocto could take some time
between now and Monday to have a look at the bugzilla database and
consider contributing towards reducing the number of opened issues.
Obviously if you're a maintainer or some sort of a developer there are,
most likely, obvious issues you could consider addressing. But there are
also lots of issues an OE/Yocto "user" could investigate as well -- for
example there are documentation issues, there are several issues in the
"NEEDINFO" state, and sometimes just being able to reproduce a bug (or
not) and confirm (or not) that an issue can be demonstrated on more than
one host can be valuable information for the person who does eventually
get assigned to solve the problem.

Please take the opportunity to have a look at the opened issues in the
bugzilla database. If you don't have an account, please consider signing
up. Play with the "Search" capability (you'll probably want to try an
advanced search,
https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/query.cgi?format=advanced) and see if
there are issues to which you might want to contribute.

In an effort to keep multiple people from working on the same issues
during this sprint, please let the community know on which bugs you'd
like to work. You could reply to this email (keeping all the mailing
lists CC'ed), and/or you could re-assign a bug to yourself.

There are usually plenty of friendly, knowledgeable people around who
can help. You can use the mailing lists, IRC channels, or bugzilla
itself to communicate.

Thanks for your participation! :-)


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