[oe] Boost version

GNUtoo GNUtoo at no-log.org
Tue Mar 30 20:57:54 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-03-30 at 08:17 -0400, Philip Balister wrote:
> I'd like to remove the DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" from the boost recipes 
> so we are using the latest boost.
> Currently, I am checking the packages that use boost I care about, such 
> as gnuradio.
> Does anyone else care what version of boost is the default?
I care,I prefer the last ones (1.4x) for wesnoth 1.6x
> Also, the boost-1.41 recipe is based of the cmake branch of boost. How 
> well maintained is this? It has been two months since boost-1.42 was 
> released and there is not corresponding cmake version.
Seem not very maintained...
Maybe look at http://gitorious.org/boost/cmake
it's their git repo.
(SRC_URI->download page->readme)


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