[oe] [PATCH] distutils-common-base: move Python dir detection to separate class

Roman I Khimov khimov at altell.ru
Wed Mar 24 12:58:31 UTC 2010

В сообщении от Вторник 23 марта 2010 15:22:54 автор Roman I Khimov написал:
> Allows to inherit that in packages containing Python extensions but still
>  tightly control packaging of those extensions. Mainly for the cases where
>  you want those python modules/extensions/parts to be packaged separately
>  from the main package in order not to introduce python dependency where
>  you don't need it. Technically, you can do it with distutils-common-base,
>  but it might require more FILES_* work than with python-dir.
> Introduce PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR along the way, site-packages directory is

OK to push series?

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