[oe] [PATCH 01/44] cpan-base: add perl version to PR

Roman I Khimov khimov at altell.ru
Wed Mar 24 12:57:44 UTC 2010

В сообщении от Среда 24 марта 2010 00:51:08 вы написали:
> Makes perl modules rebuild on perl version change, since binary
>  compatibility could be broken with that (although perl itself tries to
>  maintain it  within patchlevel range, like 5.8.7 -> 5.8.8).
> This is conditional on PACKAGE_ARCH, since there is nothing to rebuild for
> pure perl modules (and those should use 'PACKAGE_ARCH = "all"') even if
>  they break with perl version change.
> This also should ease transition to perl 5.10.1.

OK to push? I've realized yesterday that without it or similar thing many 
binary modules would be broken when someone would try to use 5.10.1 and manual 
cleaning and rebuilding a ton of perl modules is no fun.

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