[oe] [PATCH] imagemagick: convert to BBCLASSEXTEND and new staging

Thomas Zimmermann ml at vdm-design.de
Wed Mar 24 07:34:04 UTC 2010

Am Mittwoch 24 März 2010 01:48:58 schrieb Chris Larson:
> This should not be necessary.  native.bbclass automatically sets deps on
>  the -native versions of what's in your DEPENDS.  Or was there a specific
>  reason behind adding libtool-native and removing tiff?
No there was no such a reason, i just copied it from imagemagick-
native_0.6.3.5-10 recipe.

The question is, do we convert 6.3.5-10 to BBCLASSEXTEND too, or do we remove 
that recipe, or is there a bug about mixed BBCLASSEXTEND and -native recipes, 
that -native recipes are preferred?

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