[oe] Using oeaudit.py to check for known security issues

Holger Hans Peter Freyther holger+oe at freyther.de
Tue Mar 23 09:33:40 UTC 2010


here is a rather simple howto:

$ bitbake -s > available
$ export PYTHONPATH=/bitbake/lib
$ /OE/contrib/oeaudit/oeaudit.py -f
This will call wget, tar to get the audifile and place it in the local dir
$ /OE/contrib/oeaudit/oeaudit.py -a auditfile -p available
Now you get a nice list of issues...

TODO items:
	- Sometimes the latest upstream version has the bug and we need to
          apply a patch. Right now this will still be displayed as 
          vulnerable.. I will add another file where one can claim to have fixed
          certain issues..

	- Rewrite in GNU smalltalk

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