[oe] small perl initialisation patch

Frans Meulenbroeks fransmeulenbroeks at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 11:06:02 UTC 2010

2010/3/22 Roman Khimov <khimov at altell.ru>:
> В сообщении от Среда 27 января 2010 00:51:52 автор Frans Meulenbroeks написал:
>> Perl file Lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm can enter a dialog for continent which
>> never ends.
>> This problem is among others sometimes triggered by
>> libxml-namespacesupport-perl_1.10.bb
>> The patch forces the answer for manual configuration to "no" avoiding
>> that we run into this problem
> Package build problem can be fixed with proper dependencies (perl checks for
> dependencies and only if there's something missing it tries to use CPAN).
> So, this patch hides the problem. Also, I don't think it's needed for target
> Perl, there probably could be some cases when CPAN on target might be of use.
> But in general what I don't like about this situation is that when you
> encounter it while packaging yet another module the build process just hangs
> on do_configure task with 100% CPU utilization and it's unobvious what's going
> on until you check the ever growing log file. Then you have to kill bitbake.
> All of this sucks.
> Also, Perl 5.10 has some different handling for this, at quick glance it
> autoconfigures by default now and really downloads everything it needs from
> CPAN, which is also bad in our case, since we need to control what installed
> where.
> So, IMHO what could be useful is for our perl-native package to have some kind
> of bouncer in FirstTime.pm that would die with something like "Error: tried to
> configure CPAN. Usually it means broken dependencies for packaged modules, so
> go fix your package".

Agree this is a better way to handle this problem.
However, I'm not sure if I have the perl skills to fix this, and I am
definitely lacking the time right now.


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