[oe] [PATCH] u-boot_git.bb: add xilinx-ml507 support

Stefan Schmidt stefan at datenfreihafen.org
Sun Mar 21 11:28:54 UTC 2010


The first part, PR and SRCREV, is obviously fine. The second part raises a
question here. If it is preferred to have the xparameters header file from the
BSP would it make more sense to have it in OE? Be it a package or just the file.

The patch also has the problem that it does not work if XILINX_BSP_PATH is not
set. Your test in deploy if the directory exists triggers this here:

NOTE: Running task 1042 of 1048 (ID: 11,
ERROR: function do_deploy failed
ERROR: log data follows
| NOTE: Installing u-boot elf image in bsp path
| install: cannot create regular file `/u-boot': Permission denied

The variable is empty and test thinks that is fine and wants to install the
u-boot into / as no other path is set. Please fix, resend and I'll apply it.

Stefan Schmidt

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