[oe] [PATCH 2/2] Renamed prefix_native, bindir_native, etc using camelCaps

Douglas Royds douglas.royds at tait.co.nz
Thu Mar 18 20:58:13 UTC 2010

Richard Purdie wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-03-18 at 04:37 +0100, Holger Hans Peter Freyther wrote:
>> On Thursday 18 March 2010 02:31:11 Douglas Royds wrote:
>>>     - Avoids clashing with the machine override when MACHINE=native
>>>     - bindir_cross similarly renamed for consistency
>> Thank you for that much work. I think we established the usage of '-' instead 
>> of '_' to avoid clashes with the override detection though.
> I just noticed this problem. It makes me very very nervous to introduce
> yet another variable naming convention, particularly one we don't use
> anywhere else :/.
> Might it be simpler to rename the native machine? Using "native" in the
> override namespace is asking for trouble :(.

I have no objection to renaming the native machine, but I think we 
should also ensure that we never use _thing variable names (in lower 
case). We have a weak distinction between overrides and underscored 
variable names. By convention, BitBake variables are entirely in 
uppercase, and overrides in lower case, but this convention fails when 
the variable names are externally imposed (by the Autotools), 
exec_prefix being a case in point.

I propose that we rename prefix_native and friends to avoid any risk of 
clashing with the overrides.

Separately, if we wish, we can rename the native machine. I suggest 
"buildhost". This would also help to clarify that the following two 
builds have quite different intentions, though the result is similar:

    bitbake thing-native
    MACHINE=native bitbake thing


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