[oe] [PATCH 1/1] libstdc++.bb: copy libstdc++.so* to rootfs

Holger Hans Peter Freyther holger+oe at freyther.de
Wed Mar 17 07:04:33 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 17 March 2010 07:31:48 Ulf Samuelsson wrote:

> > So I would nack this change and instead figure out which C library is
> > exposing C++ symbols.
> When building gnome-mplayer, it complains that "libmusicbrainz"
> needs the symbols from libstdc++.so.6.

Which symbols? Please mail us the link error. In any case the compile/link fix 
is more inside libmusicbrainz than it is in copying the libstdc++ around.

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