[oe] qemu: fails to build without zlib-dev installed on buildhost

Thomas Zimmermann ml at vdm-design.de
Mon Mar 15 15:58:45 UTC 2010

i tried to build an image on a minimal system today, to check which depencies 
are needed to build the image.
First thing that fails is qemu-native. It Fails during do_configure because of 
missing zlib headers.
So i tried to build zlib-native first, but that has changed nothing. After 
looking at the configure script it seems that the check just uses $QEMU_CFLAGS 
which contains only "-I. -I${SRC_DIR}" so adding -I${STAGIUNG_INCDIR_NATIVE} 
to $QEMU_CFLAGS solves that issue.

Please check the following patch, as i've no exprience with 
BBCLASSEXTEND="native" and i don't want to break qemu.

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