[oe] Where are my patches?

Steffen Sledz sledz at dresearch.de
Thu Mar 11 07:00:04 UTC 2010

Tom Rini wrote:
>> If your patches are reaching the list then it is probably nothing within
>> your control.  I think some folks have had trouble with patchwork's spam
>> filtering in the past.
>> In any case, it isn't necessary for your patch to appear in patchwork in
>> order for it to be actioned, so there is no need to worry about it too
>> much.

That's clear. But when i create a patch suggestion outside my area of
knowledge which needs some discussion and may be some updates it
would be very helpful to do this within patchwork.

> There is for people without write access.

Do you say that patches from people with write access generally do not
go to the patch queue?


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