[oe] [oe-commits] Phil Blundell : gtk+: build gtk-demo and package it appropriately

Phil Blundell philb at gnu.org
Wed Mar 10 21:33:48 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-03-10 at 13:27 -0800, Steve Sakoman wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 12:59 PM, Phil Blundell <philb at gnu.org> wrote:
> > Ah, I remember now, you need a patch to base.bbclass as well to make it
> > stage the files from etc/.  Try this:
> I must be cursed :-(
> Still no luck.  gtk+-native builds, but gtk+ still fails with the
> apple_red issue.

Drat.  It does seem like you must be cursed.

Maybe you could try poking around in your working tree and see if you
can figure out why gdk-pixbuf.loaders isn't getting installed into
staging.  What ought to happen is that it is generated by gtk+-native
during do_install() and then copied from there into the native sysroot
where gtk+ expects to find it during the build.


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