[oe] [patch] build kernel in output dir

C Michael Sundius msundius at sundius.com
Tue Mar 9 21:49:49 UTC 2010

> As a concept, yay!  I'd make a few suggestions on implementation
> however:
> - B is the normal shorthand for where we build.  See gcc / gdb / etc for
> examples of where $B != $S
> - We should change $B to be something like, from the above example,
> B="${WORKDIR}/build-${MACHINE}
> - We should then always work like this, rather than conditionally (since
> a kernel build where O=... fails is a bug, this should be fine).
> Ok thats all good to know, I made a few more changes.

Also realizing that some of the staging that I had in my own recipe really
belonged in the kernel.bbclass. Though, that staging task is starting to get
pretty messy :[

on the bright side, making those changes I think simplifies things even

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