[oe] [patch] build kernel in output dir

C Michael Sundius msundius at sundius.com
Tue Mar 9 18:06:34 UTC 2010

We build our kernel in an output directory so that the objects don't
muck up our source directory. We do this since during development,
most engineers just set up a link to their SCM Project directory
containing the source rather than having bitbake copy all the files
in to the ${S} directory.

I made some mods to the kernel.bbclass to allow us to build in the
out directory and included it here in the attached patch (along w/ our
own recipe for building the kernel). These mods *should* allow other
kernel recipes to build unchanged.

I'd love to get comments on this, understanding that:
1) there might be a better way someone else is already using
2) that I've screwed stuff up
3) something else.

I'd also love to see this get pushed upstream if others find it useful..

thanks for you comments.

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