[oe] u-boot ready initrds

Tom Rini tom_rini at mentor.com
Mon Mar 8 18:05:14 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 08:43 +0100, Steffen Sledz wrote:
> Steffen Sledz wrote:
> > Initrds need to be prepared with mkimage to be usable from u-boot.
> > The following patch introduces an additional IMAGE_FSTYPE .cpio.gz.u-boot
> > for this (at the moment just for hipox machine).
> > 
> > Is this the way it should be done?
> > 
> > Should this better become part of conf/bitbake.conf?
> Ping

I don't know why patchwork didn't see this.  That said, mkimage -A arm
is bad.  UBOOT_ARCH is right, and comes from kernel-arch.bbclass.  So, I
think a full patch would need to add in changes to image.bbclass to
inherit kernel-arch so that UBOOT_ARCH will be evaluated.

And yes, this I think should be in bitbake.conf with the rest of the
image magics

Tom Rini <tom_rini at mentor.com>
Mentor Graphics Corporation

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