[oe] [PATCH] Fix packaged staging for cross packages

Joshua Lock josh at linux.intel.com
Fri Mar 5 08:34:20 UTC 2010

Hi Chris,

On Thu, 2010-03-04 at 13:42 -0600, Chris Larson wrote:
> It looks like this does fix the problem, and good job in spotting the
> problem, but this fix assumes that the basename of CROSS_DIR is
> BASE_PACKAGE_ARCH.  If that ever changes for whatever reason, it will break.
>  I'd suggest instead changing it to continue to copy the contents of the
> dir, but to change the destination to match the destination used in the
> postamble (${PSTAGE_TMPDIR_STAGE}/cross/${BASE_PACKAGE_ARCH}).

Thanks for the quick review, I've attached a modified patch to account
for potential changes in the base name of CROSS_DIR as suggested.

Joshua Lock
        Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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