[oe] Xserver problem...

Readon Shaw xydarcher at tom.com
Thu Mar 4 05:02:22 UTC 2010

>I am using Angstrom OS for my pxa270 based board, which is build by
>Stable/2009 branch. In this, Xserver is running perperly on  240x320 and
>640x480 resolution, but while running 480x272 resolution lcd 4.3" it
>making problem. How can I  resolve this.
>Version      :     xserver-kdrive-1_1.4.0.90-r5
>Branch       :     Stable/2009
>Error log are,
>root at regulus:~# Xfbdev -br -pn  -mouse tslib -hide-cursor :0 -noreset
>Warning: mode not found, using default
>error: Invalid argument
>Fatal server error:
>no screens found
>root at regulus:~#
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I meet the same problem nearly.
it seems a problem of your kernel.
the error message is printed when ioctl call with FBIO_CHANGE_CMAP_VBL.
display entry in mach info struct was modified to some strange value.
i am still tracing that.
i don't if it was in the same case, hope useful.

Readon Shaw

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