[oe] Should be xserver-xorg MACHINE_ARCH?

Koen Kooi k.kooi at student.utwente.nl
Mon Mar 1 16:17:59 UTC 2010

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On 01-03-10 15:40, Martin Jansa wrote:
> Today I was checking why building om-gta01 and om-gta02 in same tmpdir
> fails with this error:
>  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for task-shr-minimal-x:
>  *      libdrm (>= 2.4.18+gitr4565+b5aec2bd3df736216e86eae28e278172d3ba3362) *  libdrm (>= 2.4.18+gitr4565+b5aec2bd3df736216e86eae28e278172d3ba3362) *  libdrm (>= 2.4.18+gitr4565+b5aec2bd3df736216e86eae28e278172d3ba3362) *
> first I noticed that task-shr-minimal.bb was missing
> after I moved some machine specific depends there (from shr-image.inc).
> But even after that setting PACKAGE_ARCH right, I have this error and I think 
> it's because xserver-xorg was built first for om-gta02 with virtual/libgl 
> provider set to mesa-dri (_git.bb version used) and resulting .ipk has armv4t
> arch, even when it was built with machine specific virtual/libgl provider and
> libdrm version also specific for om-gta02 (om-gta01 will use 2.4.18 release instead,
> because it doesn't need glamo specific patches from libdrm_git.bb)
> What is right solution? Set xserver-xorg arch to MACHINE_ARCH (as virtual/libgl is
> usually decided based on target machine). Or force om-gta01 to use mesa-dri (I already
> did) and also libdrm from git repo with glamo patches (because upstream git repo and 
> glamo repo has different SRCREV so switching to libdrm_git.bb won't help).

Part of the solution is to stop making mesa machine specific when no
machine specific are in use (e.g. using swrast).

The next step would be to add some magic to the xserver-xorg recipes to
make it ${MACHINE_ARCH} only when mesa is ${MACHINE_ARCH}.


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