[oe] [PATCH] ezx: Use pulseaudio 0.9.15

Dr. Michael Lauer mickey at vanille-media.de
Mon Mar 1 16:06:02 UTC 2010

Hi Antonio,

> Be patient but my knowledge of OE is still limited, the point here is
> that distros can override PREFERRED_VERSIONs set in machine files, isn't
> it?

Machines should not limit versions, only providers; distros and local configurations are
the ones supposed to specify versions. Then again, this assumption relies on the
"default" configuration being working, which -- in case of pulseaudio -- it obviously
is not.

>> Of course one could argue that there is a bug in the OE recipes metadata
>> rather than the distro, since the pulseaudio recipes are known broken
>> for certain architectures -- however they don't contain any blacklisting
>> or whitelisting except for om-gta01/om-gta02 which I added when I became
>> aware of the problem. Antonio, lets just blacklist the broken versions
>> for the machines you're interested in.
>> :M:
> I can well add DEFAULT_PREFERENCE_om-a780 = "-1"
> in both pulseaudio_0.9.21.bb and pulseaudio_0.9.19.bb
> Is that what you mean Mickey?


> Way better than my solution but still a bit hackish.

Not necessarily. It would be better if we could limit it for armv4(t) and armv5(t),
however we don't have such fine granular overrides, hence we need to blacklist
on machine basis.

> If that's OK for you, it'll be fine with me as well.


> About fixing distro, isn't 'minimal' supposed to build all the latest
> recipes? If so a  conf/distro/include/preferred-minimal-versions.inc
> would not have much sense if we can't set preference rules per
> machines (or archs).

We can set preference rules per machine or arch, however the general
consensus is that this is being done in the distro or local conf.

Yes that codifies machine knowledge in distro and may have to be revisited,
but at least it has been our working style until now.


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