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Gerwin van der Kruis gerwin at vanderkruis.net
Fri Jun 29 13:52:31 UTC 2007

On Friday 29 June 2007 13:51, Florian Boor wrote:
> Hi,
> Gerwin van der Kruis schrieb:
> > Is it maybe possible to join with hh.org ?
> I would not recommend this for several reasons:
> - OE is not hosted at hh.org any more for good reasons.
> - We do not know what hh.org is really about, but what we know is that they
> try to force projects becoming some kind of "hh.org product".
> - George from hh.org has been quite hostile and unfriendly in the public
> lately. I would not want to see OE in any relationship with this guy.
> Another reason would be the GPE trademark fight going on currently.
> There is a quite good summary here:
> http://www.linux.com/articles/114310?tid=41
> Opie is affected as well... its easy to find more reasons to stay away from
> hh.org. its a pity, but unluckily current reality :-(

This what's making me angry why should somebody own opie or gpe other than 
the respective developers who worked on it . 

As said the trademark is only valid for the united states , so handhelds.org 
has no right to claim anything in Europe. 

I understood completly what you are saying florian and maybe it is an idea to 
make an official statement about it . 

I also read on handhelds.org that he is quoting you. 

So I will not get in touch with handhelds.org. Ruben is owning opie.nl
and probarly gpe.nl as well. 



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