[oe] U-Boot (was: org.oe.dev uboot-gta01:)

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at Vanille.de
Fri Jun 22 07:29:44 UTC 2007

> Could you please add this one back? It's a static version that has all
> needed patches in
> OE *and* is needed by various non-openmoko recipes. The linux_*.bb recipes
> now don't build
> anymore because they are depending in u-boot-mkimage-gta01-native_oe.bb.
> u-boot-mkimage-gta01-native_oe.bb is the only recipe that can reliably
> create a
> uboot-mkimage since uboot-utils is broken beyond repair....

Wow. Ok, sorry, overloooked that in my furious attempt to start cleaning
up the U-Boot situation.

Guys, this is getting very messy. Would anyone who knows more about u-boot
please start cleaning up our u-boot directory?

Me as being an u-boot-analphabet took me 6 hours to fix uboot-gta01
building w/ an eabi toolchain... and the besides that the result seems to
work it's not something I'm proud of (see uboot-eabi-fix-HACK.patch).

Best Regards,

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer | FreeLancer | http://www.vanille-media.de

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