[oe] Question - How dose bitbake select a kernel

Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at hrw.one.pl
Wed Jun 20 10:31:26 UTC 2007

Dnia środa, 20 czerwca 2007, Pelle Svensson napisał:
> Hi,
> I'm starting to put together a image.bb file.
> I can't figure out how I control the selection of kernel.
> In the tasks file it says 'RDEPENDS=... kernel ...'.
> When building in verbose I get
> NOTE: multiple providers are available for runtime kernel
> (poodle-kernel-2.4-embedix, LAB-kernel, linux-h1940, linux-omap-2.6,
> a780-kernel, linux-bast, corgi-kernel-2.4-embedix,
> shepherd-kernel-2.4-embedix, linux, poodle255-kernel-2.4-embedix,
> husky-kernel-2.4-embedix);
> NOTE: consider defining a PREFERRED_PROVIDER entry to match runtime
> kernel

> 1. How did bitbake come up with this list? Is done by bb-file's name or
> a tag inside?

It checks all providers of "virtual/kernel" target.

> 2. Should I add 'PREFERRED_PROVIDER_kernel=my-target-kernel.bb'  if so
> where?

In machine config:

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "my-target-kernel"

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