[oe] Ucslugc with uclibc0.9.29

Arkaitz arkaitzj at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 00:07:58 UTC 2007

I've done a little patch to be able to compile ucslugc with
uclibc0.9.29. Few changes in conf files and bb files.
I am using 0.9.29 because 0.9.28 never worked for me, now i've
PREFERRED_VERSION_uclibc="0.9.29" at my auto.conf, but if it can
compile with 0.9.28 wouldn't be better to put it at
distro/ucslugc.conf? If there isn't a preferred version where is
written what version is going to be compiled? i can't find that.

hmmm, another thing, weeks before ucslugc didn't use slugimage but now
it seems that is using it but fails due to a "Ran out of flash space
in <Kernel> - 0x20000 bytes too large." error, can i disable the
slugimage thing somewhere?

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