[oe] list of targets for ASSUME_PROVIDED

Rolf Leggewie no2spam at nospam.arcornews.de
Mon Jun 18 18:26:32 UTC 2007

FYI.  I hope I did not write complete nonsens in that wiki page.

(19:55:12) Laibsch: Where is the best place to document a potential
(19:55:45) Laibsch: IOW, I just added a virtual/java-native providee
that is only necessary when there is no java package installed
(19:56:04) Laibsch: Is there a list anywhere that one could go through
to which I should add this?
(20:11:35) Laibsch: OK, I could not find anything
(20:11:57) Laibsch: And therefore I started a little list of my own (so
far 1 entry!!)
(20:11:59) Laibsch: http://www.openembedded.org/advancedconfiguration

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