[oe] problems doing bitbake task-base

Jamie Lenehan lenehan at twibble.org
Thu Jun 14 02:53:56 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 11:40:51PM -0300, Luís Cargnini wrote:
> thanks for your answers
> So why OE perl-native isn't compiling for me ???

Because perl-native is compiled with your hosts's compiler, and you have a
version of linux-headers (I think that's what gentoo calls them) that has
removed /usr/include/asm/page.h

I *think* this was removed and then re-added back later on (since so much
stuff includes this header). In which case updating linux-headers on your
system to a later version should fix it.

If I'm wrong on this I can remove the need for it from perl, but I need to
make sure I don't break perl-native on other systems if I do that.

> and perl-native use my host kernel ? probably not, because in this case we
> won't have problem with page.h ? I'm right ?

It doesn't use your kernel headers, but the linux-headers, which are
generated from the kernel headers. So the version of linux-headers is not
usually related to the version of the kernel that you are using.

> And how to fix this ???

Try the latest gentoo linux-headers package (or an older version). If that
doesn't work then wait for me to test and remove it from the perl-native in

 Jamie Lenehan <lenehan at twibble.org>

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