[oe] sourceforge SVN change

Hans Henry von Tresckow hvontres at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 01:06:20 UTC 2007

It looks like sourceforge is changing the svn urls. Are we using the new
scheme or do we need to check the metadata and update accordingly?


Legacy Subversion Access Method Going Away

Back in November of 2006, we added a new preferred access method for our
Subversion offering that solved most of the spurious error messages and
other problems with our initial SVN rollout.  The change introduced a
new URL scheme:


Users have been receiving the notice to upgrade via a Site Status
announcement and as needed via Support Request when problems were reported.

As a part of our ongoing infrastructure improvements to our Subversion
offering and other services, we will be decommissioning the legacy
access method (the one without the PROJECTNAME prefix for the hostname)
as of June 28.  Past that time, Subversion operations that use the old
URL scheme will no longer work.  You may change over any existing
Subversion checkouts you have by following the instructions detailed here:



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