[oe] ixp425 vs madwifi with armv5te big endian AND EABI error

Robert Wörle robert at linuxdevelopment.de
Tue Jun 12 17:56:45 UTC 2007

Dear Openembedded Devel List

Iam developing a least cost router based on the Intel ixp425 CPUI and
some minipci slots. ( Board ADI Pronghorn-Metro).

Iam now infront of a problem where i would like ask for assistance.

The madwifi driver which powers the atheros wifi cards ( quite some wide
range also on multiband cards) uses firmware code tobe linked into their
Now as i need to crosscompile my build fails like this
 LD [M]
| armeb-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-ld: ERROR: Source object
has EABI version 0, but target
has EABI version 4

My suspicion is that the this binary code was compiled oabi hence eabi v
0. But the rest off all is of course eabi compiled.

will i need to get a armv5te firmware supporting this ?
is it an option to go oabi on my whole toolchain ? ( if yes point me to
side effects and ways to go, please)

I am kinda lost now .. what can i do ?

Kind Regards

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