[oe] [RFC] Creating an OpenEmbedded founation

Graeme Gregory dp at xora.org.uk
Fri Jun 8 08:50:41 UTC 2007

Hi, my thoughts on a foundation are.

we a) need to have some semi professional looking front so that companies and
especially suits can have some sort of warm glowing feeling when dealing with

b) need to cope with developers who leave the project, new developers who
start. Who have to return and be given equipment/funds.

c) need to deal with our public face at conferences, trade shows including
sending people if we feel it is worth it.

d) need to deal with the situation that may eventually happen where a
company want to contract OE to actually do a project.

As I see it you dont neccessarrily need a company for this, but I think
it would help.

Id also like to form any form of foundation/company under an EU duristiction
as its easier for use currently to deal with then law in the USA.


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