[oe] JFFS2 trouble

Holger Freyther freyther at gmx.net
Thu Jun 7 13:36:28 UTC 2007

Am 07.06.2007 um 15:19 schrieb Valentin Longchamp:

> I have been working with nfs root filesystems during last months  
> for my
> openembeded targeted system. I am going to receive the first  
> prototype of our
> custom design soon so I have tested the jffs2 images generated by  
> OE for my
> bootstrap-image.

awesome :)

> However, according to the jffs2 documentation, I should use /dev/ 
> mtd2 and
> not /dev/mtdblock2:
> http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/faq/jffs2.html#L_mtdblock

Fromt the FAQ you pointed us to: "There are two cases where this does  
not work. The first is when JFFS2 is used as a root filesystem. For  
now, this requires the mtdblock device to be specified for root= on  
the kernel commandline. The second case is when the mount binary that  
is being used does not play nicely with the above format. The busybox  
version of mount is known to not work without the mtdblock device."

I know you don't have a rootfs on jffs2 but do you use busybox mount?


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