[oe] problems doing bitbake task-base

Luís Cargnini lvcargnini at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 19:51:43 UTC 2007

      Latest version available: 1.6.6
      Latest version installed: 1.6.6
      Size of files: 89 kB
      Homepage:      http://developer.berlios.de/projects/bitbake/
      Description:   package management tool for OpenEmbedded
      License:       GPL-2

[ Results for search key : monotone ]
[ Applications found : 1 ]

*  dev-util/monotone
      Latest version available: 0.33
      Latest version installed: 0.33
      Size of files: 4,651 kB
      Homepage:      http://monotone.ca
      Description:   Monotone Distributed Version Control System
      License:       GPL-2

my revision of OE I think is the latest I downloaded it from
openembedded.org, I did an pull update 2 days ago and mtn update today.
I installed the bitbake and monotone using emerge of my gentoo it get the
latest stable version I suppose ?
I will get all the information and put somewhere than they could download

On 6/5/07, Holger Freyther <freyther at gmx.net> wrote:
> Am 05.06.2007 um 20:36 schrieb Luís Cargnini:
> Ah ha,
> you have the latest bitbake-1.6 and the latest head of the
> org.openembedded.dev branch? If you do have it, it would be
> appreciated if we could replicate your setup. We will need the output
> of env, svn info of your bitbake directory, the revision of OE, your
> config files. It would be nice if you could tar this stuff together
> and upload it somewhere and then say where you have put it.
> Alternatively is your partition holding the staging directory mounted
> noexec?
> z.
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