[oe] strange error: missing depends...

Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at hrw.one.pl
Mon Jun 4 07:05:30 UTC 2007

Dnia piątek, 1 czerwca 2007, Rodrigo Vivi napisał:
> I believe that sometimes you just need the packageA without their
> rdepends, but it will be pretty useful it bitbake provided an easy
> option to build every depends... something like:
> bitbake packageA --build-rdepends

All DEPENDS and RDEPENDS are built during build of packageA - so no need 
for "--build-rdepends" flag.

> Another idea that I have for the case that you want to build
> everything is an option --dontstop that makes bitbake don't stop when
> a rdepends build fail.

bitbake --help:
  -k, --continue        continue as much as possible after an error. While  
                        the target that failed, and those that depend on
                        it, cannot be remade, the other dependencies of
                        these targets can be processed all the same.

Thats what you want?

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