[OE-core] [warrior][PATCH] dropbear: new feature: disable-weak-ciphers

Adrian Bunk bunk at stusta.de
Mon Jul 15 20:58:42 UTC 2019

On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 03:38:57PM -0500, Joseph Reynolds wrote:
> Enhances dropbear with a new feature "disable-weak-ciphers", on by default.
> This feature disables all CBC, SHA1, and diffie-hellman group1 ciphers in
> the dropbear ssh server and client.
> Disable this feature if you need to connect to the ssh server from older
> clients.  Additional customization can be done with local_options.h as usual.

Changing the default behaviour in a stable series does not sound 
appropriate to me.



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