[OE-core] sysstat no longer builds (was: [PATCH 0/1] sysstat: use service file from source codes)

Burton, Ross ross.burton at intel.com
Fri Jul 12 11:56:07 UTC 2019

On Fri, 12 Jul 2019 at 12:21, Peter Kjellerstedt
<peter.kjellerstedt at axis.com> wrote:

>   ERROR: sysstat-12.1.3-r0 do_package: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_sysstat value sysstat.service does not exist
>   ERROR: sysstat-12.1.3-r0 do_package:
>   ERROR: sysstat-12.1.3-r0 do_package: Function failed: systemd_populate_packages
> This is due to that the upstream package only installs the sysstat.service
> file if cron support is enabled, which it isn't by default.
> There was another patch by Haiqing Bai sent on July 2 that seemed to handle
> this properly.

So the basic problem is that we don't do enough testing with systemd
enabled on the AB.

Thanks, I'll queue up a revert and pick of the other patch.


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